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10/30/2020 » 10/31/2020
The Pittman Course: Flight & Critical Care Paramedic Review (Virtual)

11/2/2020 » 11/4/2020
Air Medical Transport Conference (AMTC) VIRTUAL

3/29/2021 » 3/31/2021
Critical Care Transport Medicine Conference (CCTMC)


Resources for Flight and Critical Care Paramedics
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What is Critical Care Transport?

We all know what we "think” it is, but can you clearly state what it is. Have we placed our industry in a position that invokes the words of Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart in that "…. I know it when I see it.” Is that fair to ourselves as professionals? Is that fair to our colleagues in the industry? Most of all, is that fair to our patients?

As recent events have demonstrated, the provision of healthcare is quickly and dramatically changing, and with it the demands placed upon us. However, that does not relieve us of the responsibility for ensuring all patients receive consistent, competent, and comprehensive care while being transported to, and between, hospital destinations. This means our paramedics must be prepared. Prepared by education, knowledge, experience, and certification.


Critical Care Transports require more than someone saying "that looked like a critical care transport”. This erroneous view implies that it is acceptable for our industry to look backwards to determine the appropriateness of patient care. We always need to look forward and anticipate the needs of our patients. This requires providers to adapt as patient conditions change. Trying to "fit” providers to a static patient condition may be cost-effective, but when done without wisdom and experience leads to lapses in the quality of care, and potential harm to the patient.

Our patients demand, and deserve, better from us. Our goal will be to advance Critical Care Transports as a specialized area of EMS, with the clear understanding that Critical Care Paramedics are more than just public safety servants of the emergency response community. Rather, Critical Care Paramedics are an integral part of the health care community, providing and maintaining hospital level care during transport outside the walls of the traditional hospital institution. This necessitates the Critical Care Paramedic, whether on the ground or in the air, to embrace new technologies and the concepts of teamwork, collaboration, and accountability. Critical Care Transports, and the Paramedics providing such services, must be recognized for the unique place they hold in the healthcare continuum.

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Critical Care Textbook:  Critical Care Transport 2nd. Edition Pollak, A. (2017). Massachusetts: Jones and Bartlett


Critical Care Transport Guidance


Critical Care Credentialing

Critical Care Policy by State

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